Running Essentials

Started in 1991, Run N Fun has been a favorite among runners for nearly 26 years. Owner Kari Bach started the company with her husband because of his love of running. “It was more my husband’s dream; he was a pretty accomplished runner. It was kind of his passion,” Bach says. “He saw some holes in the market that weren’t being taken care of, so we said go for that.” Read more about Running Essentials


Kicking Your Way to Healthy

Lots of energy and action can be found at i Love Kickboxing which opened on Woodbury’s east side at Eagle Valley Marketplace, bringing with it a great workout place. “It is a cardio kickboxing workout,” franchise manager Courtney Mott says. “The workouts consist of one hour. It’s going to start with a 15-minute warmup. After that, we have you cool down with some stretching. And then we’re going to do multiple rounds, where we do different combinations.” Read more about Kicking Your Way to Healthy


No Experience Necessary at These Local Fitness Spots

Woodbury has grown into a city with many options for fitness and wellness. Here are three unique offerings to check out in town.

Pure Barre

Sweat dripping off her face, water bottle in hand, Kara Rowan limped out to her car following her first Pure Barre class. She describes it as one of the hardest workouts she’s ever done. She could barely move two days later. And she was absolutely hooked. Read more about No Experience Necessary at These Local Fitness Spots


Woodbury Lakes Kicks Off Free Walking Club

Are you looking for a fun way to stay fit and get outside? Did you know that just 30 minutes of walking each day can reduce your risk of heart attack, help manage your weight, lower cholesterol and increase bone and muscle strength? Walking also improves your mood and boosts your energy. The best part is that it doesn’t matter how old you are or how fit you are – you just have to put on a pair of tennis shoes and start walking! Read more about Woodbury Lakes Kicks Off Free Walking Club



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