Winter Florals

Flowers and other plants are an important—if not entirely intuitive—part of a lot of décor that pops up around the holidays. Lauren Mathis, marketing and communications manager of Woodbury’s Woodlane Flowers, shares some tips to prepare and care for your winter floral creations.

“Most people think that holiday/winter arrangements need to be green and red, but white flowers arranged with winter greens make for an elegant winter arrangement,” Mathis says.

Fresh Beauty

During the holiday season, your home likely smells of fresh-baked cookies and pine needles—why not add one more lovely smell to the mix? Consider decorating your home and tree with fresh-cut flowers. We spoke with a local florist for some tips on beautifying your home with fresh or even permanent flowers.

Native Blossoms in Maple Grove

They’re the bursts of color that catch your eye as you go 60 miles per hour along Highway 94, and the intricate clusters of blooms you see protruding from stems along Maple Grove walking paths. You see them every year and you can count on their friendly faces meeting you at different times in the season as the weather heats up. Meet six very special flowering native plants. This summer you’ll be on a first-name basis!

Butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa var. interior)

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