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Focus on Woodbury: Bathtime is Lots of Fun

When Mandi Folks and her family moved into their Woodbury home in 2012, “it was in very rough condition,” she says. “We have been fixing it up little by little over the past three years, and finally got around to repairing the bathtub in the master bathroom. Our three boys were delighted with their first opportunity to take a bubble bath. As you can tell, Maverick, 5, Mitchell, 7, and Macallan, 3, jumped head-first into the bubbles with no reservations. Their sister Jovie, 1, was much more reserved and observant.” Read more about Focus on Woodbury: Bathtime is Lots of Fun

Focus on Woodbury: Hero

After the birth of their third child, Amanda and Carl McGrane stopped by the Woodbury Fire Station on Thames Road to take some photos with Carl’s fire gear. “I snapped this shot of Carl and our 2-year-old son, Cole, as they were sharing a moment,” Amanda says. “Carl is a paid-on-call (POC) firefighter/EMT for the city of Woodbury, an awesome opportunity to serve the community. He’s definitely Cole’s hero. Cole wants to be a firefighter like daddy when he grows up.” Read more about Focus on Woodbury: Hero

17th Annual Focus on Woodbury Photo Contest

Do you have a favorite photo that captures the spirit of Woodbury? Woodbury Magazine will accept submissions to the 17th annual Focus on Woodbury Photo Contest July 31-August 31. First place winners and runners-up will be selected for five categories:

  • People
  • Nature
  • Events
  • Landmarks
  • Pets

Selected winning photos will be published in Woodbury Magazine. Visit for more details (including contest rules) and to submit your photos. Read more about 17th Annual Focus on Woodbury Photo Contest


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