Wintertime Daydreams of Spring Planting

Blue Pop Star Hydrangea

While there is nothing like a gorgeous winter day in Minnesota, it’s this time of year when I find myself daydreaming of sunny spring days spent in the garden. Thankfully, that daydreaming also acts as a perfect time to accomplish spring planning. Here are some tips for how to use your daydreaming sessions to create the garden of, well, your dreams.

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Compost 101

Go green, compost

When I first began composting, I grabbed an ordinary trash can and composting bags from my local grocer, placed the bin under the kitchen sink and began composting my food and plant scraps. Though I had good intentions—after all, I am looking to reduce my carbon footprint—I was left with gnats, coffee and food drippings and a foul smell around my home. Read more about Compost 101


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