Blended Voices

If walls could talk, the walls of a high school would talk mostly of dreams. Every weekday the halls and classrooms flutter with possibilities, and for a group of students at East Ridge High School in Woodbury, one of these possibilities might start to feel more like reality.


Aspire Inspires Through Music

Some people just have that musical bug in them—that desire to sing and dance. For many kids, that can be satisfied in school and church choirs. But most schools don’t start their choirs until fourth or fifth grade, so where do the younger kids go for musical inspiration? And what about the kids who want more than their school or church choir?


Menken Brothers Jazz Trio

Most of us can vaguely remember the first time we picked up an instrument as a child—whether for school or for lessons our parents dragged us to. But for the Menken Brothers Jazz Trio—twins Harry and Charley, and younger brother Billy—they can’t remember a time when they didn’t play music.


Talented Young Musician Collin Johnson Strives To Inspire Others

After Collin Johnson was born eight weeks premature with a grade four brain hemorrhage, his parents were told he would likely never walk or run, and that there was a high chance he would have cerebral palsy. Johnson overcame those early life hurdles with the help of physical therapy and speech therapy. His mom bought him a toy piano when he was just 3, and he started taking piano and guitar lessons at age 6. When he was 5, Johnson taught himself how to play the drums, and later he learned bass and took vocal lessons.


Outdoor Tunes: Woodbury Lakes Host Annual Summer Concert Series

Summer is peak concert time—time to soak up the great weather with family and friends while listening to beautiful music. You don’t have to go far for this special experience with the Woodbury Lakes Summer Concert Series. As in previous years, all of the performances are family-friendly and open to the public. The events are hassle free: no buying tickets online or paying for expensive parking, and no having to find a babysitter.

Here’s this year’s lineup:



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