Leading the Way for Play

Joy of the People

Playtime has gotten substantially more fun with Joy of the People (JOTP), a nonprofit leading the way for play with a cutting-edge opportunity to build healthy kids and communities through free play. Operating in St. Paul for 12 years, JOTP renovated the former Wooddale FunZone building in 2021 for its second Minnesota location. Read more about Leading the Way for Play

Setting the Foundation

Brian Muller with his children Caidyn, Jace and EmmyLu.

“Daddy, what if I built a ladder to the sky, so I could go see mommy whenever I wanted?” Those were the words that Brian Muller heard his son Jace whisper in his ears early one morning.

“I was crushed, and I cried in the bathroom while my kids were knocking on the door,” Muller says. “I collected my thoughts, made them pancakes, sent them to school and then wrote the song in about 30 minutes.” Read more about Setting the Foundation

Looking Forward

Life coach Sara Swan

While Sara Swan has over two decades of experience in special education, she initially didn’t have plans to turn a one-off mentorship into a full-fledged organization. But, she ended up developing Looking Forward Life Coaching (LFLC), a nonprofit mentorship program that works alongside people who could use some assistance in a variety of ways. Read more about Looking Forward

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