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Different Planes: Listening to Seniors

Old hands holding young hands

Stephen R. Covey noted, “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”

I find this true when it comes to political discourse, who we wish the Minnesota Vikings had drafted, how we form our faith, etc. Sometimes it is just hard to ponder, and say, “Tell me more about this.” Sometimes we feel that if we do not respond, our interlocutor may think we are not listening.

Part of having a back and forth of actual conversation is trust and a willingness to embark on worthwhile discourse about things that matter. Read more about Different Planes: Listening to Seniors

Beauty and Endurance

Blaise Pascal, a polymath of the 1600s, said even a genius needs beauty, noting, “In difficult times, carry something beautiful in your heart.”

Beauty is not easily defined. A vague entry into our soul that seems to encompass the human experience and can bring us to tears. Even in our most pressing global crises, beauty is not just relevant but necessary. Beauty ennobles the heart and we feel most alive in the presence of it. Read more about Beauty and Endurance

Home Sweet Home

The Glen at Valley Creek provides Woodbury seniors with affordable housing

Providing comfortable housing for seniors in the Woodbury community, The Glen at Valley Creek is a development that many are happy to call home. Created by the Washington County Community Development Agency (CDA) and managed by the Shelter Corporation, this three-story, 42-unit complex was designed for independent individuals that are over 62 years old on a fixed income. Read more about Home Sweet Home

Living Well

Older gentlemen laughing while having lively discussion

It is not possible to eliminate every source of tension and disagreement in our lives. While in the U.S. military, my daughter adopted the “bring it on” attitude when tasked to bark out orders as a new squad leader. 

She took the stress response up as energizing vs. debilitating. The nerve-wracking energy worked in her favor. When it failed, the triggers were opportunities to learn and grow from.  Read more about Living Well


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