Supporting Boys State

Boys State

Woodbury’s American Legion Post 501 has been supporting the Woodbury veteran and military community for over 40 years.

“We focus on veterans and the communities that serve them,” says Bob Dolan, former naval officer and current commander of Post 501. “We don’t have a restaurant or bar like a lot of folks do, but that allows us to channel about 90 percent of all the money that we make into the things that we do in the community.” Read more about Supporting Boys State


Setting the Foundation

Brian Muller with his children Caidyn, Jace and EmmyLu.

“Daddy, what if I built a ladder to the sky, so I could go see mommy whenever I wanted?” Those were the words that Brian Muller heard his son Jace whisper in his ears early one morning.

“I was crushed, and I cried in the bathroom while my kids were knocking on the door,” Muller says. “I collected my thoughts, made them pancakes, sent them to school and then wrote the song in about 30 minutes.” Read more about Setting the Foundation

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