Thanksgiving and the Loire Valley

Thanksgiving and the Loire Valley

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. It’s a time for family, food, wine, and giving thanks for all our blessings. There are so many great wines to choose from, but wines from the Loire Valley (France) seem made for the occasion. The Loire Valley is home to wines that pair perfectly with Thanksgiving feasts. Let’s get to know a little bit about this unique wine region in northern France, which runs east to west along the Loire River.

The Wine Wizard’s Tips for Understanding Wine Terminology

I’m sure we’ve all read descriptions of wines and thought to ourselves, “What are they talking about?!” Some descriptive words for wines, like “linear,” “brawny,” “fleshy,” “meaty,” and “fat” leave me perplexed. With training, I know now what those words mean—but I feel like they add fuel to the “wine snob” fire.

Let me share an approach to describing wine I hope you find much easier to understand. I use three categories of descriptors: fruit, non-fruit and structure.



Sparkling Wine: Not Just for New Year’s Eve

Sales for sparkling wines soar during the holidays. Most of us pop a cork to ring in the New Year. And with good reason—celebrations and sparkling wines pair perfectly. But it’s time to think beyond the holidays: Sparkling wine goes very well with many occasions and many foods.


Wine Wizard Answers the Question: Are All Rieslings Sweet?

The most common reaction I get when asking friends about Riesling is: “Riesling is too sweet!” Sure, Riesling wines can be sweet, but quite often they’re far from it. Dry Rieslings are some of the most popular food-friendly wines available. Their natural acidity triggers a mouth-watering reaction that goes perfectly with many foods. My goal here is to offer basic clues to identify dry Rieslings.



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