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Leader in the affordable energy home industry, Amaris Custom Homes in Woodbury received the 2020 Grand Winner recognition in the Custom Homes on Spec category from the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Housing Innovation Awards for the second time in the last four years (tying for first in 2017). Representing the top one percent of U.S. builders, the winners of this award are companies that meet the specifications for the Custom Energy Efficient Homes Program.

“Everything we do has a focus on safety, energy and efficiency,” founder and chief manager Raymond Pruban says. Read more about Green Living

Last Home Built in Wedgewood in Woodbury

Location, Location, Location. Anyone who’s ever bought a home knows this phrase; it usually implies the sacrifice that’s made to get the home of your dreams in your dream location. For Woodbury residents Michael and Bridget, finding both was an exercise in patience and thinking out of the box—literally. Last year, through some creativity, the couple built the last new house in the Wedgewood neighborhood.
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