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Review: Great Light Pasta Dishes in Woodbury

Spring is upon us, and that means many of us have caught the health bug. Whether your vice is cycling, swimming or extreme ironing, you need to fuel your body for success. We have selected six light pasta options from around Woodbury which offer long-distance carbohydrates, as well as the fresh veggies and vitamins you need for sustained success. Six restaurants have jumped on board to help you lose those last couple of pounds. We have fresh recipes from Italy to New York, and everywhere in between. Eating out doesn’t have to be a dietary sacrifice.

Woodbury Restaurants Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Ireland celebrates it. Chicago really celebrates it. Why not Woodbury? Don’t let March 17 pass you by this year. Instead pop on over to these three Woodbury restaurants to toast good fortune and celebrate the Emerald Isle. Sláinte to good friends, Guinness and Celtic tunes. It’s the next best thing to booking a plane ticket.

The Best of Woodbury 2014: Your Favorite Shops, Restaurants, People and More

Click here to view photos from the 2014 Best of Woodbury celebration at the Sheraton St. Paul Woodbury Hotel.

Raindrops on roses? You can find those at Warner’s Outdoor Solutions. Whiskers on kittens? Plentiful at Hudson Road Animal Hospital. Bright copper kettles? Check out the kitchen at The Tavern Grill. And what about warm woolen mittens? In stock at A Whimsical Place.

Review: Great Gathering Places in Woodbury

It’s the best of times; it’s the worst of times. It’s dinner with the family. Like a good old-fashioned buffet line, when you’re with this crowd you get a little bit of everything. The plate-piled-high dinners, excited storytelling and happy news sharing over everyone’s favorite dessert. And then you’ll have the plugged noses when presented with suspect veggies and the heated debates over everything from homework regiments to mini skirts to car privileges and politics. Either way, you gotta love dinner with the ones you know best: your family.

Steak in Woodbury

Every so often, a deep, rumbling, primal craving overtakes you, and a voice inside your head says with finality and absolution: Must. Have. Meat. No measly burger patty will suffice. No meatballs, no drumsticks, no chops. For this kind of hankering, there’s only one entrée that makes the cut. And that’s a special cut of beef that we like to tag under the broad heading of steak.

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