An Unexpected Visitor

Most people don’t take the time to stop and observe the world around them. But Kent Nye, hobbyist photographer for almost 40 years, often pays closer attention to his surroundings in order to capture the beauty of it.

Dogs need to be socialized to other dogs and humans to build their social confidence—whether with other pets and pet parents on walks or outdoor playdates. Socially confident dogs are fun to be with for humans and other dogs.

Nathan Block

Movie Madness

Woodbury 10 Theatre weathers a wave of shutdowns with community support.

Best of 2021 winners

Though I may be biased, I like to say that Woodbury is truly one of the best communities in the metro area.

Woodbury for Justice and Equality

Juneteenth—celebrated June 19—marks the day slavery was abolished in U.S., yet racial inequality has persisted in the place of segregation. Juneteenth is a day to celebrate and acknowledge the vibrance of Black history in American culture.

The Glen at Valley Creek provides Woodbury seniors with affordable housing

Providing comfortable housing for seniors in the Woodbury community, The Glen at Valley Creek is a development that many are happy to call home.

dog treat puzzle

It may sound odd to say we need to learn how to play with our dog. If you adopted your dog as a puppy, you may have developed play times together. If you have adopted a shelter or rescue dog, you may have a dog who has not seen toys or chews before.

Earlier this year, our readers’ choice online survey sought your input regarding which restaurants, retailers and service providers you like best in Woodbury. Your votes have been counted and the top three finalists in each category are listed here in alphabetical order.

This February marks the 51st celebration of Black History Month—a celebration that first began at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. This month, we look back at Woodbury’s student-led Black Lives Matter Protest.

Using a microphone

Inspired by the 1990s sitcom Friends, the relaxed and intimate coffeehouse setting became a favorite activity among high school students, according to the Coffeehouse program.