The rosés, the Rieslings, the crisp Vinhos Verdes: They’ve had their day in the sun. It’s time to uncork the fall-weather wines—the ones bold and deep enough to indulge our newfound hunger and sustain us through the long and dusky evenings.

Dazzling wine doesn’t have to be damaging to your bank account.

We tapped three local beer connoisseurs for their selections for fall beers.

The refreshing jumbo strawberry margarita from Las Margaritas.

A fruity drink calls to mind all sorts of pleasant associations: cocktails on the patio, refreshments on the lake, and nourishment after exercise. After all, a fruity drink epitomizes all that is treasured in a beverage; it’s thirst-quenching, delicious and celebratory.

January is an opportune time to step out of your wine comfort zone and taste a new blend. Whether with a hearty stew or a bowl of fresh fruit, flavors lend themselves to different pairings.