Teaching Today’s Learners

Everbrook Academy brings STEAM learning experiences to Woodbury.
Everbrook Academy, located on Tamarack Road near Woodbury’s Super Target.

“Everbrook Academy is a 21st century preschool that’s designed to prepare today’s young learners for the world of tomorrow, ensuring they’re ready for school and ready for life,” says Erika Riesinger, principal of Everbrook Academy, which is set to open later this month in Woodbury. The educational program at Everbrook will focus on hands-on STEAM—science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics—learning experiences. The researched-based curriculum is designed to stimulate developmental skills in children from infancy through pre-K, with before and after school programs for those in elementary school. “We uniquely and intentionally plan for individualized experiences and learning for real kids, real time,” adds chief academic officer Dr. Susan Canizares.