Then & Now

The Miller Barn in Woodbury
Saying we care about Woodbury’s heritage while losing our city’s historical buildings is a paradox, columnist writes.
The popular pet food store, with local roots, is back in Woodbury.
Woodbury resident recalls trials of WWII in Europe.
Four generations of the same family call the Woodbury area home.
Former local theater student Dylan Eike travels the country selling nuts for Planters.
From a Civil War-era infantry path to a 1950s radio station on a gravel road, every street in Woodbury has a story.
Woodbury Magazine August 2004
This month we celebrate our 10th year of publication.
Woodbury resident Bill Schrankler pens a book on Minnesota railroad history.
Woodbury High School’s Scott Swansson with his collection of sweaters.
Woodbury High School teacher and coach Scott Swansson looks back at his storied career as he prepares for retirement.
A Woodbury family shares its passion for a beloved sport.
Virginia and Arlan Tietel.
A Woodbury couple goes the extra mile to put a special postage on their holiday cards.