These Broiling and Baking Suggestions from Von Hanson’s Will Smooth the Transition Out of Summer

For some, a crisp fall breeze means retiring the grill, along with memories of summer. Mike Marshall, manager of Von Hanson’s Meats in Woodbury, tells us why the end of the sunny season isn’t the end of great meat. “If you go outside of the box and start looking at the stove or broiler, you can find a lot of different ways to cook things,” Marshall says.
For the oven, Marshall suggests beef or pork. A boneless beef cut like a covered pot or uncovered rib roast is great baked with a little water and served with potatoes. The rump roast is a leaner roast, so it’s best on the rare side, sliced thin. For pork, Marshall recommends country style ribs baked and covered with some sauerkraut.

Craving steak? Try the broiler. Marshall says to set the pan one level down instead of on the top rack to avoid flashes and flare- ups. Broil any steak, including the best-selling grill steak, for five or seven minutes per side.

For something unique, try a soup with some chopped chuck roast and delicious fall vegetables. Or simmer any of Von Hanson’s 45 flavors of bratwurst or sausages in a frying pan on the stove for a savory memory of summer.

Von Hanson’s includes more detailed cooking instructions on their meat packaging.

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