Upstairs/Downstairs Custom Cleaning Service Celebrates 25 Years TAG: Faces

Judy Lauber’s company celebrates 25 years of success.
Joy Lauber, founder of Upstairs/Downstairs Custom Cleaning Service.

When Judy Lauber mentioned to her husband that she wanted to start her own cleaning business, he cautioned: “You’ll have nothing but complaints.” Now, 25 years later, Upstairs/Downstairs Custom Cleaning Service cleans dozens of Woodbury homes and small businesses.

At the time of her light bulb moment, Lauber worked for West Publishing Company. She tackled both jobs for eight years, and determined her position at West was not one she wanted long-term. However, she was presented with one of her first and longest–running clients: James Lindell, vice president of West Publishing. Lauber cleaned Lindell’s home on a regular basis for more than 23 years. When Lindell was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Lauber struck up a friendship with his daughter, Linda Lyndavoge, and continued to clean her house.

Lauber’s demeanor and kindness are attributes that impressed Lyndavoge. “Her staff and company are always very pleasant, creative and helpful. They are very respectful of anyone in their home,” Lyndavoge says.

After undergoing minor back surgery a few years ago, Lauber retired from the physical cleaning game. These days, she focuses on “the fun stuff,” including management, cleaning and entertaining, and her company provides her with the opportunity to give back to her community through silent auction donations. Meanwhile, her employees clean her upstairs and downstairs. “That way, I always have a clean home. I don’t have to think, ‘I can’t entertain because my house is dirty,’” she laughs.

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