Writer Bios

Eric D.

Eric began using his middle initial as a way to distinguish himself from the many other Eric Johnsons of the world, but it mostly just makes him seem pretentious. As such, he’s constantly searching for a pseudonym that won’t offend his mother, even if the name plight is her fault. Writing tends to keep Eric centered (as much as anything can, at least) and he has written about everything from sports to weddings from a local to national level.  Prior to writing, he held a weird assortment of jobs, including spending a few summers as a garbage man (sort of). Send him any story or pseudonym ideas at Oh, and that garbage man thing is completely true (sort of).


The search for suitable senior housing expands as Saint Therese opens in Woodbury.
Four generations of the same family call the Woodbury area home.
Woodbury health professionals are making mental health a priority for children, teens and young adults.
A Woodbury Catholic school creates a program to help develop students’ character.
A Local company works to bring you the cleanest water around.
Former local theater student Dylan Eike travels the country selling nuts for Planters.
Woodbury resident brings beautiful woodworking into homes.
Tips on How to Throw the Perfect Halloween Party