Warner’s Outdoor Solutions’ Ryan Warner Divulges Fall Lawn-care Tips

Landscaper Ryan Warner shares his tips for getting your yard ready for the chillier months.

Backyarders take heart: even though fall is around the corner, you don’t need to give up your green thumb just yet. Woodbury landscape expert Ryan Warner of Warner’s Outdoor Solutions (warnersoutdoorsolutions.com) shares his tips for getting your lawn and garden in tip-top shape in September.Aerate your lawn to allow fertilizer and water to move freely into the soil. Rent a machine yourself or hire a lawn service.Set your mower one or two notches lower for your final cut of the season to discourage rodents and encourage thicker spring growth. Mulch fallen leaves, which work as organic fertilizer, and spread them in your yard.Trim deciduous shrubs, but don’t touch those evergreens which store much-needed water in their outer needles.