We Are Well Within, Woodbury

The new local program will host an entire summer of wellness-focused events and activities.

Woodbury celebrates health and wellness with We Are Well Within, Woodbury, a 3-month long event that offers community-oriented events and activities to encourage and teach about healthy living. From May 1st-August 3rd Woodbury will offer activities, workshops, and more, covering everything from nutrition and exercise, spiritual support, disease prevention, and will even include visits from wellness professionals.

We Are Well Within, Woodbury events are geared toward educating and motivating members of the Woodbury community to take the initiative with their health.

We Are Well Within, Woodbury will also be a great opportunity to get to know members in the community who have similar goals and interests—possibly a new gym buddy!

We asked Sindy Graham, manager and owner of Woodbury’s Anytime Fitness and one of the We Are Well Within ambassadors, for a more in-depth idea of what the event will be like and why it’s important to Woodbury as a community.

Woodbury Magazine: What are you most excited for about We Are Well Within, Woodbury?

Sindy Graham: For me, it is the individual successes for those who participate.  Imagine watching a child learn how to tie their shoes or open a door. Same thing; it makes you feel so good to be a part of these successes. The “Ah-ha” moments “the Oh-My-Gosh, I am doing it! My blood pressure is down! I tried Kale for the first time and it was great! I have more energy than I have ever had!” All of the small changes that can happen for someone are little success stories. As you can see, the successes are endless and each participant will have a different story.

WM: Tell us why you decided to focus on wellness within a community rather than on a more individual basis.

SG: This program provides a community-wide support system which encourages success for everyone in achieving their healthy living goals, which are diverse, but any improvement toward healthy living no matter the measurement is accomplished success!

WM: This is a 3-month long event—are there activities and workshops every day?

SG: There are other Ambassadors who will be submitting activities. There are numerous activities and presentations to choose from to earn points. I can say there is definitely something for everyone. I am throwing out the challenge to everyone in this community to be adventuresome…try something you have never done, see a presentation that may not have been on your list. We have some the best of Woodbury presenting. I say that because they too have a passion for Health and Wellness in their community.

WM: Is this exclusive to Woodbury residents, or can anybody join in?

: The only boundary applicable for the event program is the community boundaries established by Ambassadors for hosting events, programs and workshops, but anyone and everyone can participate on whatever level they are capable, able to and/or desire. Every age group, every person within a community is encouraged and invited to participate.

WM: Do you have to register ahead of time for each event, or can you pick and choose as you go along?

SG:  I’d recommend registering. Registering will gives us an idea of the space needed along with an interest level. Some events do have limited space. If we find a huge interest in something, we will work hard to offer another time. There is always a place for someone to bring a guest unless it states limited space. All data will be used for future We Are Well Within’s.

You can meet Sindy and other ambassadors at We Are Well Within workshops and activities this summer.

The host facilities for We Are Well Within, Woodbury will be:

Anytime Fitness (Bielenberg)
Excel Lifeforce Martial Arts Training Center
Woodbury Spine Wellness Center
YMCA Woodbury