What’s That Street Name?

A guide to some of Woodbury’s hard to pronounce street names.

You may have driven by some of these local street signs and wondered, how do you say that? We checked in with Dwight Picha, city of Woodbury community development director, for the correct pronunciations and some interesting history as well.

Bowsens Lane (bou’sens)
Streets in the Lake Place development are sailing terms; bowsens means “to drench with water” or it may be another spelling of “bosuns,” a warrant or petty officer in charge of a ship’s rigging.

Eyrie Drive (e’re)

Streets in Eagle Valley are related to eagles. Eyrie is a variant of aerie, which means eagle’s nest.

Gironde Court (je rand’)
The Sundown neighborhood street names are French cities or regions; Gironde is a navigable estuary in southwest France.

Heinbuch Trail (hin’buk)
This street is named for a Woodbury farming family.

Mahle Lane (mal’e)
This street is also named for a Woodbury farming family.

Sanel Road (san’el)

Picha says that the Royal Park neighborhood predates him, but this may be the name of a person as streets near the development are names of people (Richal, Leann and Paul).

Valhalla Drive (val hal’ e)
Valhalla Drive and Valhalla Circle are located in Wild Canyon Estates.