Woodbury’s Blu Ice Cryo Spa Uses Cold to Increase Health and Beauty

John Griffin, Kim Jeremiason and Brady Lipp

A new spa in Woodbury offers an innovative way of rejuvenating and healing the body.

Blu Ice Cryo Spa supplies services that reduce inflammation, release endorphins and help increase metabolism. It’s cryotherapy, or as co-owner of the spa Brady Lipp calls it, “cold therapy.”

Blu Ice offers three types of cryotherapy—cryo toning facials, localized cryotherapy and a full-body cryotherapy sauna. The sauna itself is unique and used by numerous pro sports teams. “The machine we have is the best,” Kim Jeremiason, co-owner, says. “The temperature gets lower and it’s more distributed throughout your body.” The temperature, dropping between 200-250 degrees below zero, is a key component of cryotherapy.

When the body is cold, blood rushes from the extremities into the vital organs. As the body is removed from the frigid temperatures, the blood returns, detoxified and reoxygenated, releasing endorphins and other chemicals. “It does amazing things physiologically to your body,” Lipp says.

Similar saunas have also been placed in the locker rooms of many pro and college athletic teams, Lipp says. This installation is a result of the relief of inflammation by cryotherapy. People with diagnoses of multiple sclerosis (MS) and auto-immune disorders also use cryotherapy for this reason.

Jeremiason, who has MS, noticed that her energy levels increased and her body felt healthier as a result of cryotherapy. She noticed that the aches and pains her body endured from MS lessened as a result of continued treatment, something that is required in order to notice a difference.

Cryotherapy is also a beauty regime, tightening the skin, reducing cellulite and increasing metabolism. “I was like, oh my gosh, you can really burn 500 calories in two and a half minutes,” Jeremiason says. “I became a big believer in it.”