Woodbury’s Top Holiday Cupcake Picks

Woodbury bakeries give their top picks for cupcakes this holiday season.
A seasonal cupcake from Nadia Cakes.

The temperatures are dropping and the holidays are just around the corner. We’re already starting to think about hot cocoa, warm apple cider and cozying up by the fire with some holiday goodies. Why not make it a cupcake? These cupcakes from local bakeries are sugar and spice and all things nice. Forget about bland vanilla. From rich chocolaty flavors to pumpkin spice and even a bacon-topped cupcake, Woodbury purveyors have many unique flavors you’ll want to try. Here are a few mouth-watering suggestions.

Taste of Fall

Nadia Cakes
Hold on to the last little bit of fall and get ready for the months of sipping hot apple cider with this apple cider cupcake. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the crisp apple taste and fluffy surprise in the middle; fresh apples are in the batter and the cake is filled with a pumpkin whipped cream. The cupcake is topped off with a caramel butter cream, drizzled with caramel and topped with a fall leaf. One bite into this cupcake and you might find yourself wishing fall would stick around forever. $3.50.

Salted Caramel Chocolate

Kowalski’s Market
Holiday treats are all about the perfect pairing of flavors, and this cupcake embodies that perfectly. The cupcake is chocolate—a moist, rich, dark-colored cake. These sweet chocolaty flavors are paired with a salty treat, topped with a salted caramel buttercream. Want to try to master a salted caramel treat for your holiday guests? The buttercream is available in 15 oz. containers in the refrigerated cake case. $1.79, $4.99 for a four-pack.

Crème Brûlée

Lunds & Byerlys
Think you love dessert a little more than the average person? This cupcake is perfect for you. It’s dessert within dessert. A signature yellow cupcake is filled with traditional crème brûlée and iced with a white buttercream frosting, topped with sugar and torched to a golden perfection. $3.99.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Dorothy Ann Bakery & Café
Pumpkin spice lattes are a fall and winter favorite, but have you tried this popular taste treat as a cupcake? A pumpkin-flavored cake is topped with latte-flavored cream cheese icing and garnished with a chocolate coffee bean and white chocolate duo stick, and dusted with pumpkin pie spices. $3.

Cake Batter Delux

Cold Stone Creamery
It’s never too cold out for just a little ice cream. Ice cream is a cupcake’s perfect match, especially in a cake batter cupcake. This cupcake is a red velvet cake with a layer of fudge topped with cake batter ice cream, a Belgian chocolate shell and decorated with pink vanilla frosting and sprinkles. $2.99 each or sold in six-packs for $13.49.

Maple Bacon Cupcake

Keys Café & Bakery
When you think bacon, do you think breakfast? Well, think again, and this time—think delicious cupcakes. Bacon is great for a holiday brunch and just as great for holiday goodies. This maple bacon cupcake has real bacon in the batter and is topped with a maple buttercream and maple syrup drizzle. Bacon lovers, if you still haven’t had enough, the cupcake is also garnished with real bacon. $2.

Sweet and Salty

Jerry’s Foods
When you pair sweet with salty, you can never get enough. Another sweet and salty pairing is a caramel-filled chocolate cupcake topped with a salted buttercream, along with sweet and crunchy candy pieces on the side. This cupcake is complete with two chocolate-dipped pretzels on top – and anything dipped in chocolate is an instant hit at holiday parties. $3.99.

Gluten-free Chocolate

Trader Joe’s
Whether due to allergies or other health reasons, more and more people are choosing to go gluten free. But just because of your food allergies or diet choices, don’t sacrifice your taste buds this holiday season. This popular gluten-free cupcake is a rich, moist chocolate with a traditional vanilla buttercream frosting. You’ll have no idea this delicious treat is missing anything at all. And choosing a four-pack makes these cupcakes a steal. $3.99.