Woodbury High School’s annual Cabaret Show will take you somewhere special with its theme of destination.

Woodbury High School’s annual cabaret show will take you somewhere.

Whether it’s a literal physical place or a metaphorical state of mind, a destination is a special location. That’s why this year’s theme for Woodbury High School’s cabaret show is just that: Destination. This annual event, going on for more than 14 years, consists of two parts. The first is a dinner and show, a sit-down affair that features solo acts during the meal. The second part is the stage show, which consists of full-choir, choreographed performances as well as a few solo acts. Both of these parts of the evening are separate events, so tickets are sold separately; however, the whole event is one not to miss.

May 19–20, 6 p.m.
Dinner and show
Reservations required; $15 per person

May 19–21, 7:30 p.m.
Stage show
$8 adults, $6 students