Woodbury Moms on the Run Offers Wellness for Busy Lives

The 18-week program starts up in April; women of all skill levels are welcome.

For most moms, parenthood is a joy, but it can often involves late nights, early mornings, cramped schedules and little free time. As a result, time spent with friends or on self-improvement is a precious commodity. Thankfully, there’s a group in Woodbury where mom—and women of all stripes—can get together to make friends, socialize and work out.

Woodbury Moms on the Run has been helping women in our community find a place to work on fitness goals while also giving them a chance to get out and enjoy some quality time with other women around town, says owner Kristina Ticknor. “It helps me come home just a much better mom, with a much more peaceful mind,” she says. The next Moms on the Run program begins April 22.

Moms on the Run is an 18-week program that’s designed specifically to get participants running. Ticknor says all skill levels are welcome. “We want you where you’re at. If that’s walking, if that’s jogging, if that’s sprinting—that’s where you’re at,” she says. “Some have never run a minute, and some are working toward doing a half-marathon or a marathon.”

Ticknor says the program builds in intensity throughout the course of the 18 weeks, and the members will run in the Woodbury Days 5K in August. During the sessions, she says, “We start with some dynamic stretching, and then we run 30 minutes in an interval-type format—30-second walk, one-minute run. As the summer progresses, we’re getting to longer-time running, shorter-time walking, and by the end they’re running 20 or 25 minutes.”

After the day’s run, members will do 1215 minutes of total-body weight exercised geared toward running—what Ticknor calls “the boot camp portion.” Each session ends with flexibility exercises, a cooldown stretch, and an educational topic and nutritional challenge. “One week’s challenge might be, ‘no refined sugars.’ ‘Don’t eat out,’” Ticknor says.

“I’m a mom of four. I know—you don’t have the time, but you want to get your workout in. If you have one hour, it’s kind of like a one-stop thing,” Ticknor says. “I think that’s why a lot of women do enjoy it, along with that mental release of talking to other moms. I always come home a better mom as well.”

Ticknor has been a personal trainer for nine years, and worked in fitness clubs before becoming pregnant with twins. Her time spent away from the club environment—along with the hectic schedule she’s come to know—inspired her to get involved with something mom-centric, she says. “It’s a fun thing to do—showing your kids that you want to stay fit, and that running and staying active is fun. Since I’ve started five years ago, it’s just an amazing organization.”

“There are other running clubs [in Woodbury], but I don’t know of any others that are just women and moms,” she says. “When you’re running, you’re releasing those endorphins. Not only are you working it out, but if you’ve had a rough day, you’re talking it out. It can really make the day better.”

Moms on the Run also offers a nine-week fall boot camp, and a winter program at Woodbury High School. Once-a-week memberships start at $189 for the April—August session. Twice-a-week: $269 with a free third “open” night. Unlimited: $299.

April—August session times
Colby Lake: Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m., and Saturdays, 8 a.m.
Pioneer Park: Wednesdays, 6:30 p.m., and Saturdays, 9:15
To register, visit the Moms on the Run website