Woodbury Welcomes Patina

Woodbury’s City Centre welcomes Patina as its newest tenant.
Christine Ward, CEO of Patina, in the new Woodbury store.

For more than two decades, Patina stores have had a presence in the Twin Cities area—so much so that they’re a loved and recognized part of our shopping landscape. Now, Woodbury is home to the newest Patina location: an almost-6,000-square-foot spot in City Centre.

It’s hard to pin down exactly what kind of store Patina is, and when we ask Christine Ward, CEO of Patina, she replies, “It’s a lifestyle store.” The store boasts an endless department list, including kitchen, toys, stationery, accessories, clothing, books, art and garden. “We like to say that we appeal to babies all the way up to grandparents,” Ward says.

Current Patina lovers will be overjoyed by the size of the Woodbury location (one of the biggest), which allows the store to carry a larger variety of items and departments. Ward comments on the ever-changing nature of the store which receives new products almost every day. “You could come in one week and shop the store, and it will be completely different the next week,” she says.

Ward says Patina had its eye on Woodbury for a while, and the new location next to Caribou Coffee, Bruegger’s Bagels and Punch Pizza, in the heart of Woodbury, is a perfect spot. “We didn’t feel like there was anything like Patina in the eastern suburbs,” Ward says. “We’re so excited to share in a new relationship with this area.” 8302 City Centre Drive; 651.578.2538; patinastores.com.