Woodbury Wine Wizard

Introducing a new column in Woodbury Magazine.

Welcome to the wonderful world of wine. In future issues, I’ll be bringing a small corner of the wine world. I’ve lived in Woodbury for almost 25 years and I’m a certified specialist of wine with a passion for vino. My desire is the next time you make a purchase, you consider, even buy, something different. Something inspired by what you read here.

Let’s get to it. I love wine! I love reds. I love whites. I love old world. I love it all. What really draws me to wine is the sense of place—the history, geography, terroir (more on that later) and the people. The grape is only part of the story. What’s behind the wine is as interesting as what’s in the bottle.

I have to start old world. The place is Priorat, Spain. Priorat is one of the two highest quality regions in Spain, along with Rioja. Most wines from this region are blends of Garnacha, Carignan and other varieties. Garnacha is Spanish for grenache. Alvaro Palacios is a leading producer, and 2010 is a great vintage. Ask your local wine representative for help. Enjoy!