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The Wines of Alsace: Is it Germany or France?

Alsace, France, is one of the most idyllic wine regions in the world. Some of the world’s best white wines are produced in Alsace. After learning more about the area and the fine wines the region produces, you’ll always have Alsace on your shopping list.

Alsace is tucked in the far northeast corner of France along the German border. Its position under the Vosges mountains rain shadow makes it one of the driest places in France. Strasbourg, the region’s capital, has been traded between Germany and France for generations. The names sound German, but the official language is French. Google Strasburg and Colmar and you’ll get a sense for this uniquely Germanic, but ultimately French gem.

On to the wine. Alsace is best known for white wines that pair wonderfully with food. Culinary experts love the mouth-watering acidity found in most Alsatian wines. The region’s “noble” grapes are Riesling, Muscat, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Gris. Unlike other parts of France and the old world, the dominant grape is written prominently on the label. The region is also famous for rich dessert wines and amazing sparklers, or cremants. Try a dry Riesling from Trimbach.  Pair with your holiday hen and roasted vegetables. Enjoy!