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by | Jul 2021

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Natural approach to beauty takes the world by storm.

With an emphasis on ease and comfort, a more natural approach to beauty is taking the world by storm. Shifting from glamorous contoured statements to “no makeup, makeup” looks, people are turning to simple personal care approaches and clean remedies to enhance their natural beauty and embrace their unique physical characteristics. 

Taking this minimal approach has encouraged individuals to turn to time-friendly and product-sensitive solutions such as a wide range of skincare products, plus semi-permanent eyebrow and lash treatments like laminations, lash lifts, lash extensions and tints.

“When you have your brows done and your eyelashes done, it makes all the difference in the world,” owner of Woodbury’s Amazing Lash Paula Sattler says. “People wear less makeup when they have these services because they already look great, and they don’t have to do anything extra.”

Though trends are always changing, Sattler explains that, despite these cultural shifts, natural elements such as your hair will always be of focus. “Eyelashes and brows go beyond the trends, things within in them will change but the actual services are a lasting thing it will be here forever,” she says.

See how the latest natural beauty fads for eyebrows and lashes may fit with your busy lifestyle.


Eyebrow Lamination: Essentially a perm for your eyebrows, the process of lamination consists of the straightening and smoothing of your hairs to give you a thicker and more texturized look. Trimming away the stragglers and applying a perm solution to hold them in place, this service provides you with fuller brows for up to eight weeks.

Tint: Providing definition to the brows, a tint is a semi-permanent dye treatment, helping to enhance, shape and unify your brows with the rest of your hair on your head and eyelashes.


Extensions: Enhancing the look of your natural lashes, the extensions are seamlessly adhered to each individual lash to provide you with a fuller and thicker look that eliminates the need to wear mascara for up to three weeks. (Touch ups are available in between refills.)

With a goal of complementing your eye and face shape, Sattler says the specialists use standard styles as a guide to create a look that best suits the clients preferences and physical characteristics.

Standard Styles at Amazing Lash

  • Sexy: Longer extensions on the outside edge of the eyes to create a cat-eye like appearance.
  • Cute: Placement of the extensions at the center of your lash line to make your eyes appear larger and more open.
  • Natural: Placement of the extensions following the natural shape of the eye, encouraging a more subtle and gradual flare at the outer corner.
  • Gorgeous: Longer extensions positioned in the center of the eye that gradually go down on the corners of the eye to open them up.

Lash Lift: Physically elevating your natural lashes, a lift is a deep conditioning treatment working to nourish, strengthen and boost the curl of your existing hair for up to six weeks.

Boycott Boring Nails

Though makeup is taking a more natural approach, nail styles are edgier than ever. Opting for shorter almond shapes with bold, fluid graphics in muted pastels, warm-tone neutrals and monochromatic palettes, they provide a way for an individual’s inner personality to shine through. Head to your favorite nail salon and ask for these fun-loving nails.

The multi-color: An unexpected twist on a classic manicure, this style features a different color on each nail.

The wave: A fun retro revival of ‘60s and ‘70s inspired wave designs that draw interest through a variation of shapes and color combinations.

The minimalistic: Simple, organic graphics with negative space to create a subtle statement. Another variation consists of the classic French manicure with colored tips rather than white.


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