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by | Feb 2024

Stutzman's Farm

Photo: Woodbury Heritage Society

Farmers want their farms to look good to others … up to a point! Farmers are known to be practical, conservative and frugal. They tend to save every little part of something they had to repair or take apart just in case it could be used in another way. To be wasteful was frowned upon in most farm families. Before the Stutzman farm was developed into Marsh Creek, I took several photos of the buildings. When I asked my dad why the corn crib was only painted on the side facing out, he looked at me with a smile and said, “Why would you paint a side of the crib that no one can see?” I laughed so hard as I snapped the photo, and I am reminded of him every time I see this photo.

Patty (Stutzman) Paulus is a board member of the Woodbury Heritage Society. Learn more at


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