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by | May 2023

Grand Piano Keys


There is a fair number of Woodbury residents who grew up in neighboring towns and moved here for the schools, parks or the lovely homes. Others of us are moving in/out of Woodbury based on move-up jobs and opportunities. Few of us, though, are just passing through without a care. People love Woodbury. Residents here make a difference.

From Woodbury’s past as swampy terrain, with grounds molded for farming and built up for housing, it would’ve been hard to imagine nature captured in time for us to enjoy, strip malls cropping up, master-planned neighborhoods and preservation of a small-town feel. But Woodbury’s early leaders found a way, and we owe a debt of gratitude.

Years ago, I spoke with Dixie Ewing about the Woodbury Community Foundation (WCF) and its initial goal of purchasing a grand piano for Central Park. The movers and shakers of early Woodbury were all on board—and that idea, along with others, became reality, through hard work and togetherness, as Ewing told the story.

The job of WCF didn’t end there and neither did Ewing’s legacy. She put her heart into WCF and spread joy with the causes she represented.

Why don’t we all find our piano project? And build Woodbury’s next great surprise!

Mathias Baden is a member of the Woodbury Heritage Society and a Realtor at Edina Realty. Find more at


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