Beat the Summer Heat With Design

by | Jul 2024

Lakeside Porch

Photo: Mackenzie Merrill Photography

As temperatures climb, there’s nothing quite like stepping into a light and airy space that feels refreshing. Transform your home into summer serenity with a few simple design adjustments.

Arrange furniture to promote airflow, ensuring pathways and windows remain clear to maintain a sense of openness. Consider temporarily storing less frequently used furniture pieces, like ottomans or end tables, to create additional space and enhance the illusion of openness. Tuck them away in a storage room or garage until the cooler seasons when a cozy atmosphere is desired again.

Think about incorporating a chic bar cart, ideal for effortless “on-the-spot” hosting. Fill it with your preferred drinks and garnishes, so you can quickly prepare refreshing beverages for guests.

Maximizing natural light while managing heat is key for a cool aesthetic. Effective window treatments not only elevate your decor, but also enhance energy efficiency. Minimize heat gain in summer, and ensure your space stays cool and well-lit—while reducing energy costs.

Indoor plants can naturally cool your space by providing shade and releasing moisture into the air. Opt for varieties that not only add greenery, but also contribute to a cooler atmosphere. For instance, snake plants thrive in low light conditions and release oxygen at night, improving indoor air quality, while peace lilies offer white blooms and remove toxins from the air.

Amy Leferink is the founder and principal designer for Interior Impressions and Megan Koren is the Marketing Director for Interior Impressions. Design more at


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