Big Ears; Doesn’t Listen

by | Jun 2024

Big Ears; Doesn’t Listen

Photographer: Kellie Reynolds

First place photograph showcases a lovable pup.

“I am an animal lover and love to take candid pictures of my pets,” says hobbyist photographer Kellie Reynolds. “Chanel, my 4-year-old French bulldog, has such an adorable face and such animated expressions that I try to capture them all.

“For me, the spontaneity needed to capture a good candid shot often lends itself to the convenience of using my phone … I learned a lot of techniques from my dad who was an amateur photographer when I was growing up,” Reynolds says.

Photographer: Kellie Reynolds
Title: Big Ears; Doesn’t Listen
Equipment: iPhone 12
Location: The Reynolds’ home
Category: Pets
Award: First Place


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