Black History Month at SoWashCo Schools

by | Feb 2023

Illustration of people of color pattern.

Student groups join together to celebrate culture in the community.

South Washington County schools will host its second annual district-wide Black History Month celebration. Last year, members of Woodbury (WHS), East Ridge (ERHS) and Park High Schools’ Black Student Unions (BSU) displayed posters throughout the month of February, leading up to the big celebration.

“The theme was ‘Black Joy,’” says Olivia Alston, Community Culture liaison and BSU advisor for WHS and ERHS. Each BSU was assigned to make poster boards for two decades of Black culture in the U.S., which were on display. Students also sang the Black National Anthem, Lift Every Voice and Sing, and did a decades-themed fashion show, which included African clothing. Alston adds, “A student and his father performed some jazz together, and we had the Park step team in addition to an African dance team.”

This year’s celebration will also take place in late February at ERHS, but the details are still being brainstormed by the students. Alston says, “It’s important for us as a community to be visible and to be joyous in celebrating Black history. While it’s important to acknowledge and talk about the struggles and oppression facing the Black community, it’s great to come together and show joy together. I think that’s radical within itself.”

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