Blue Ribbon Bread

Anne Miller’s rye bread takes first place at the 2017 Minnesota State Fair.
Minnesota State Fair blue ribbon winner Anne Miller of Woodbury.

Woodbury resident Anne Miller’s grandmother, who would bake rye bread nearly every Sunday, and Father Dominic, star of Breaking Bread on PBS, were her baking influencers. In 2011, Miller entered the Minnesota State Fair the first time, winning nothing. In 2012, she ribboned on Father Dominic’s Italian onion herb bread recipe. “I sent him pictures and he was pretty excited,” Miller says.

However, Miller coveted a win for her grandmother’s rye bread recipe. Finally, in 2017, she took first prize and the sweepstakes, meaning the judges thought her bread was best. “I think she would be pretty thrilled that her bread took first place and the sweepstakes,” says Miller about her grandmother. “She was my inspiration.”

Anne Miller suggests you try out one of Father Dominic’s Italian onion herb bread recipes for yourself at