Burgers: The Ultimate American Comfort Food

Local burger favorites featuring both old classics and fun new twists.
Avocado and pico de gallo top the delightful chipotle turkey burger from Bonfire.

There are Almost endless ways to enjoy one of America’s favorite comfort foods: the burger. Some burgers are stuffed, sweet, hot or piled high with toppings. From turkey burgers and veggie burgers to fried eggs, onion rings and even nine patties stacked on top of each other, Woodbury offers some of the juiciest and most delicious burgers around with a fun twist on toppings. Here are a few you simply have to try.

Chipotle Turkey Burger

For a healthy and delicious twist: Stray away from a traditional beef patty and try Bonfire’s turkey burger, paired with pico de gallo, sliced avocado, shredded lettuce and chipotle avocado aioli. And for those with a hearty appetite, take note: any of Bonfire’s half-pound burgers can be doubled to a full pound for $4. $11.45.

Juicy Suzy

Ze’s Diner
For the cheese lovers: No need to order extra cheese on the Juicy Suzy, Ze’s take on Minneapolis’ famous Jucy Lucy. Stuffed with hot and gooey cheddar cheese and topped with even more cheese, this burger will be one you come back for again and again. Hungry? Not for long. All of Ze’s burgers are a half-pound Angus beef patty and served with French fries or coleslaw. $9.95.

Best. Burger. Ever.

Lakes Tavern and Grill
For the breakfast-for-dinner lovers: The name says it all: this burger is the best. And how could it not be? The burger is a hand-pattied, local, fresh ground blend topped with a fried egg (over easy), bacon, cheddar and Swiss cheese, tomatoes and a touch of mayo. Who knew “breakfast” could be this good? $12.

The Jalalujah Burger

O’Malley’s Irish Pub
For something a little spicy: This burger has an intense kick with a tasty finish, complete with jalapeños, spicy mayo, lettuce, cream cheese, white cheese and onion ring pieces. The jalapeños and spicy mayo give it a little extra fire, while the smooth cream cheese and white cheese leave your taste buds wanting more. Substitute a grilled or crispy chicken breast or turkey patty free of charge. $14.99.

Garlic Burger

Ray J’s
For garlic-lovers: Pepperjack cheese has long been a favorite to add to burgers, giving it a little extra heat. Hot, crispy fried onions have become a tasty treat to add to burgers of all kinds. But what really makes this burger memorable is Ray J’s special garlic sauce. The garlic-infused flavors pair perfectly with the toppings, making every bite unforgettable. $11.

Red Rock Burger

Red Rock Bar & Grill
For something locally grown and delicious: The Red Rock burger features Thousand Hills Farms’ grass-fed beef from Cannon Falls, Minn. The tender, juicy burger is served on a toasted Kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato, red onion and your choice of cheese: cheddar, Swiss, American or provolone. Add bacon or sautéed mushrooms for $2. Third-pound $11, half-pound $14.

The Veg Head

The Tavern Grill

For veggie-lovers: The Tavern’s chef-built burgers are unique and delicious, from the breakfast burger to the bleu peppercorn burger. But perhaps most unique is the veg head—whether you are a vegetarian or just someone who loves their veggies, consider trying a “burger” that is flavorful and chock-full of veggies. The Tavern Grill’s veggie burger is complete with marinated grilled portabella, roasted peppers, marinated tomatoes, melted Monterey jack, shredded parmesan, olive tapenade, spring greens and garlic aioli on grilled herb focaccia. This nutritious and savory option is one you’ve got to try. $10.50.

Rodeo Burger

Wayback Burgers

For the barbecue-lover: Wayback Burgers pairs one of the best fried appetizers with a popular, tangy sauce to get its rodeo burger. Topped with yellow American cheese, onion rings and barbecue sauce, the combination of these flavors make this burger a favorite. Feeling a little daring and ambitious? Wayback Burgers has a “triple triple” burger with nine patties and nine slices of American cheese. Yes, you read that right: nine! Don’t miss out on trying one of these signature burgers. $4.99–$17.99.

Create Your Own

For a little DIY: If you want to try your spin at customizing a burger of your own, creating your own burger at Smashburger is the experience for you. First choose the regular burger, big burger or black bean burger, then choose an artisan bun, sauces and toppings, add cheese and check out the premium add-ons for even more flavor. Choosing from Smashburger’s Smash sauce to guacamole, melted cheddar, goat cheese, Applewood smoked bacon, a fried egg and much more, make an unforgettable, menu-worthy burger that suits you best. Prices vary.