Capturing History

by | Feb 2021

Fading Day at Miller Barn

Photo: Brian Myer

Miller Barn photographed by Woodbury local.

“I enjoy history and with Woodbury being a relatively new community, I found the Miller barn interesting as one of its oldest remaining buildings,” says Brian Myer, who won first place for his submission titled Fading Day at Miller Barn in the City Landmarks category of the Focus on Woodbury photo contest.

“… With agriculture being the main activity of our area until the past few decades, this remaining landmark stood out in my mind when I saw the categories for the competition,” says Myer.

Having only lived in Minnesota for a little over two years, Myer recalls seeing the competition in 2019 in a newsletter and was happy to participate this past year. He lives near Miller Barn and noticed a new sign put up for Valley Creek Park this summer. With plans for the park to be developed, Myer took his chance to photograph the barn.

“I typically shoot most of my work without any people in my shots and so this category made the most sense for my usual photography approach,” says Myer, who is honored to been selected as a winner and is happy to share his photography with more people.


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