Chris Anderson Is Changing The Game With Pickleball

by | Apr 2023

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports. Photo includes paddle and pickleballs.

Legacy Pickleball Club partner says anyone can play the sport, but not everyone can master it.

When Chris Anderson started playing pickleball just over three years ago, he had no idea how much it would change his life. Now, Anderson is a level five player, certified through Pickleball Coaching International and partner of Legacy Pickleball Club in Woodbury.

“I started playing pickleball three years ago and haven’t stopped,” Anderson says.

Easy to learn and inexpensive to play, pickleball is quickly growing in popularity. The quirky-named sport combines many elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. Played indoors or outdoors on a badminton-sized court, pickleball can be played by people of all ages and mobile abilities. “That’s one of the things I like most about pickleball,” Anderson says. “It’s for everyone.”

While coaching wrestling and not sure what life had in store for him, Anderson says pickleball came as a recommendation from one of the wrestling kid’s fathers. As a natural athlete, the then 34-year-old Anderson admits he was a humbled when someone in his 70s beat him. Bound and determined to get the hang of the game, Anderson played almost every day following the initial invitation and didn’t look back.

Chris Anderson on Pickleball Court

Legacy Pickleball Club partner Chris Anderson.

“After about six to eight months of playing pickleball, I was approached about giving lessons,” Anderson says, adding that extra time on the court helped him excel in the sport. “A year into playing, I opened a pickleball business and have given hundreds of lessons.”

In early 2022, pickleball was named the country’s fastest-growing sport for the second year in a row by the Sports and Fitness Industry Association; and, according to Forbes, there are 4.8 million pickleball players nationwide—an increase of nearly 40 percent over two years.

For Anderson, starting a pickleball business as the sport continues to gain momentum has proven to be a savvy move. Anderson says legacy Pickleball Club offers open play or drop-ins, court rentals, leagues, skills and drills, and
private lessons.

“I give lessons seven days a week,” Anderson says. “I get so much enjoyment watching how pickleball changes people’s lives.”

Health Benefits

Anderson spoke highly of the health benefits he’s experienced from pickleball. Because a pickleball court is smaller than a tennis court, it allows for a good aerobic workout using a variety of different muscle groups.

“I’ve lost 45 pounds,” Anderson says, adding it’s said to improve people’s hand-eye coordination. “I’ve met people who have told me after playing pickleball, that their eyesights is better, their health is better, their mobility is better and their fondness of life is better. It’s life changing and not just mine. Pickleball has changed a lot of people’s lives.”

Watching people excel in the sport, form friendships with other pickleball players and become healthier gives Anderson a lot of joy. He feels fortunate to play a role in providing a place for people to come and share the love of the sport.

“It’s my way of giving back. If I can do this, it makes me feel good,” he says. “This is the only sport … someone can pick up a paddle and go have fun and play the sport. They might not master it, but they’re going to have fun. I guarantee it.”

For questions about the programs at Legacy Pickleball Club, contact Anderson at 651.419.1129 or

Rules of Pickleball
  • The ball must stay inbounds.
  • There must be one bounce per side.
  • You must serve at the baseline.
  • Serves cannot land in the no-volley zone.
  • The game ends at 11, 15 or 21 points.

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