Coach Lewis’ Top Five Reasons to Join a Gym

by | Jun 2021

woman lifting weights at the gym with a mask


Make exercising easier and more enjoyable.

Joining a gym is great for your health and we are all aware that we should try to be a bit more active as we age. Not only does a gym membership make it easier and more enjoyable to exercise, but, if you need more motivation, you waill also find it at the gym. If you still are not sold, here are a few more reasons to join the gym.

Joining a gym is a great way to be social and meet like-minded people. There is nothing like connecting with someone at your fitness level and making them an official training buddy. Group fitness classes will also help you work toward your goals.

Joining a gym or being a member of a gym means you have access to tons of equipment, letting you keep your workouts fresh!

Being surrounded by motivated people can encourage you to stay on track. You may even find your inner champion and convert the old you into an exercise legend when you head to the gym regularly.

An ideal body weight is key to good health. It helps to avoid many diseases. The gym doesn’t only help in weight loss; it is also an effective way of gaining healthy muscle which burns unwanted fat.

Health benefits
Joining a gym is good for your health and fitness, and increasing cardiovascular fitness strengthens our heart and lungs by creating lean muscle.

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Mike Lewis is the owner of 3P Boxing 24/7 and a certified trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. 651.467.5183;


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