Collar or Harness?

by | Apr 2021

Tiger american staffordshire terrier with not cropped ears walks outdoor at summer


There are many options for handling your pup.

There is a lot of medical evidence today showing damage to a dog’s neck from a collar—which is important for carrying identification. But a harness is much more appropriate for attaching a leash to—it allows you to snap a leash on the back or at the chest area. There is also a head harness. Whichever type of harness, keep in mind that not all dogs tolerate a harness. It may be just finding the one that feels best to your dog.

Pet Parent Question:
I want to find a harness for my dog, but I don’t know where to begin to find one that will fit well. What do you recommend?

Today there are many different brands and it seems new harnesses are marketed all the time. I use the Easy Walk harness on my dogs, but other people may prefer another brand. Going to a pet supply store and talking to the staff may be helpful or seeking out a trainer who recommends harnesses for training would be a good source of information as well. Your veterinarian is also a good information source. A harness will last a long time, so making an investment in a wellmade harness is a good thing to do.

Donna Chicone is an award-winning author, TEDx speaker and advocate for dogs. She lives in Woodbury. You might find her engaged in pet-assisted therapy work;


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