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by | May 2021

Acapulco Restaurante Mexicano

An array of dishes from Acapulco Restaurante Mexicano, including guacamole dip and cheese sauce; tostada stacker and nachos compuestos.

Celebrate Mexican heritage with these Cinco de Mayo dishes.

Cinco de Mayo, for many, is known as the day to grab your friends and family and head to your favorite Mexican restaurant, where you’ll order tacos, nachos, burritos galore—all to commemorate the heritage and culture of Mexico.

The rich history of Cinco de Mayo—May 5—is often confused with Mexico’s Independence Day, though the two days are unrelated. The fifth of May, also known as Battle of Puebla Day, celebrates the Mexican army’s victory over France during the Battle of Puebla. Though it is a minor holiday in Mexico, it’s a time for Mexican-Americans to celebrate their colorful heritage. 

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, grab your favorite Mexican dishes to go, head to one of many parks around Woodbury and celebrate this lively holiday the socially distanced way with your friends.

Acapulco Restaurante Mexicano

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Acapulco Restaurante Mexicano has been a Twin Cities staple for a real taste of Mexican food.

Owners Maria and Jesus Leon, transplants from Jalisco, Mexico, first opened Acapulco in Coon Rapids in 1996, and continue to run the family-owned restaurant with their nine niños: Maria, Jose, Carlos, Alex, Sam, Veronica, Martin, Jesse and Lupita.

The Leon family is responsible for the delicious variety on the Acapulco menus—from nachos and quesadillas to ensaladas (salads), especialidades (specialty items), frontera tacos and frontera burritos.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with especiales de comidas familiars, “family meal specials,” including taco and enchilada platters, as well as chips and dips. And it’s not a celebration without the margaritas; grab a margarita kit and choose your flavor (strawberry, raspberry, peach or mango). ¡Provecho!

Acapulco Restaurante Mexicano
1795 Radio Drive Unit A; 651.739.6360

Machete Cocina Mexicana

Named after the restaurant’s nearly two-foot-long machete quesadilla, Woodbury’s family-owned Machete Cocina Mexicana brings modern flare to traditional Mexican fare, creating a unique dining experience.

Weighing in at two-pounds, the machetazo is filled with five meats and vegetables, topped with cheese, lettuce, avocado and—you might’ve guessed it—more cheese. It is a popular dish in Mexico City and Machete has been serving the dish since the restaurant opened in 2018.

The gigantic dish is perfect for celebrating Cinco de Mayo with friends and family—just don’t forget to order equally-enormous margaritas and delicious appetizers with it.

Along with Machete Cocina Mexicana, the family owns and operates three Los Ocampos Mexican Restaurant & Bar locations throughout the metro, as well as a taqueria in the Minneapolis Midtown Global Market.

Machete Cocina Mexicana
803 Bielenberg Drive; 651.478.7511

Cilantro Restaurante & Taqueria

Family-owned and operated Cilantro Restaurante & Taqueria has been serving up authentic Mexican dishes since its opening in 2018.

My wife Ema and I have owned [Cilantro] since 2018,” says owner Ruben Chong. “My wife and I were born and raised in Mexico … Her recipes are what you see in our menu.”

The lively restaurant, donned with colorful murals of Mexican homes and cultural patterns, features an array of Latino favorites. Expect to find your favorite tacos and burritos, enchiladas and tamales, and more across the menu. Or stick to the tried-and-trues—the burrito San Jose (grilled chicken, chorizo, rice and beans), enchiladas tres Marias (one beef, chicken and cheese enchilada), the carnitas (pork) or the carne asada (sliced beef) platters.

Cinco de Mayo specials? ¡Sí, señor! “We’ll have a carnitas family package, asada package and more family package deals that can be ordered online from our website,” Chong says. “[And] for Cinco de Mayo, we plan to have taco salads, tamale platter and house margarita specials.”

Cilantro Restaurante & Taqueria
10150 Hudson Road; 651.731.7597


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