Congratulations to the Winners of Our 2018 Focus on Woodbury Photo Contest

by | Sep 2018

Autumn Stroll through Ojibway Park by Joe Briol

Honorable Mention in Wildlife & Nature, Autumn Stroll through Ojibway Park by Joe Briol

Every year, Woodbury Magazine accepts photography submissions for our annual photo contest. In September, winners were selected by a juried panel for each category and a Reader’s Choice winner was selected by you, our readers. Congratulations!

Activities & Events
1st: Farmers Market by Nadine Schultz
2nd: Polar Plunge! by Joe Briol
3rd: Fireworks by Sam Karnuth
Honorable Mention: Bedtime Snack by Kathryn Sheppard

People & Families
1st: Decking New Halls by Mackenzie Harding
2nd: When Mom Says Yes by Mackenzie Harding
3rd: GOOOAAAL! by John Crouch
HM: Bubbles by Kari Draves
HM: Snow Day by Mackenzie Harding

1st: Watchdog by Chris Dummer
2nd: The Duke by Krista Marx
3rd: “Fluffy C’mere!” by Morgan LaCasse
HM: Wanna Play? by Susan Jamison

Wildlife & Nature
1st: Among the Reeds by Elizabeth Ducept
2nd: Butterfly by Nadine Schultz
3rd: Flower Bed by Lori Pearson
HM: Autumn Stroll through Ojibway Park by Joe Briol
HM: Marsh Creek Hoar Frost by Susan Jamison

City Landmarks
1st: Miller Barn 1927 Flashback by Ron Long
2nd: Radio Drive by Elizabeth Ducept
3rd: Brilliant Autumn Colors at the Woodbury Lions Veterans Memorial by Ron Hawkins
HM: Explosion of Color by Chris Dummer

Reader’s Choice Winner
Monty On Expedition by Joe Briol


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