Cozy Up Your Home for the Colder Months

by | Oct 2023

Cozy Living Room

Photo: Interior Impressions

Let us embrace the essence of hygge to transform our homes into havens of warmth and contentment. Hygge is not just a passing trend; it embodies a lifestyle that brings comfort and joy to our daily lives. As interior designers, we recognize the significance of this concept in creating spaces that feel like soothing retreats from the cold and busy world outside.

To infuse hygge into your décor, surround yourself with soft and luxurious textiles, such as faux fur throws and chunky knit blankets. Warm, earthy tones for furnishings and the soft glow of candlelight can add to the cozy ambiance during the longer nights.

Embrace the beauty of natural materials, like wood and stone, which exude a rustic charm, and experiment with textures to add depth and interest. Greenery in the form of indoor plants can bring life and vitality, even amid the chillier weather.

Simplicity and mindfulness are at the heart of successful hygge décor. Clear away clutter to create a sense of serenity and open space. Design inviting corners perfect for reading or indulging in a pumpkin spice latte, and personalize your home with cherished family photographs and treasured keepsakes.

Let the spirit of hygge inspire us to cherish the simple pleasures and create a truly welcoming and heartwarming atmosphere within our living spaces.

Amy Leferink is the founder of Interior Impressions and Megan Koren is the marketing director for Interior Impressions. Find more at


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