Create a Thriving Multigenerational Home

by | Jun 2024

Vintage Generational Design

Photo: Interior Impressions

There is currently a very prominent desire for people to accommodate aging in place in their homes, and we are also seeing more and more families move toward multigenerational living. Designing multigenerational homes isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s about creating spaces that foster connection, functionality and comfort for everyone involved.

It’s essential to prioritize flexibility in layout and design. Spaces should be adaptable to accommodate changing needs, whether it’s convertible furniture solutions to versatile room layouts, embracing flexibility ensures that the home can evolve.

Ensuring universal accessibility within the home is of utmost importance. Basic modifications, like expanding doorways or incorporating stylish grab bars into bathrooms, can significantly improve the living experience for elderly relatives or individuals facing mobility constraints. Personal space matters too, even a corner of a bedroom.

When it comes to decor, neutral color palettes and durable, easy-to-clean materials are key, allowing for personalization through furniture and accessories. Incorporating personalized elements, such as a family photo gallery or memory wall, into the home design celebrates shared experiences and creates a sense of belonging for all family members.

Above all, successful multigenerational living requires open communication and compromise among family members. By sharing their needs and preferences, families can collaboratively reimagine a home that works for everyone, creating a space where every generation feels valued and comfortable.

Amy Leferink is the founder and principal designer for Interior Impressions, and Megan Koren is the marketing director for Interior Impressions. Design more at


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