Focus on Woodbury: Hot Dogs and Lemonade

A warm and sunny summer day is the perfect backdrop for a precious photo of Michele Zywiec’s grandchildren.
HONORABLE MENTION People by Michele Zywiec

Who could resist these two cuties when they set up shop at Zywiec’s Landscape and Garden Center in Cottage Grove, or in their Woodbury neighborhood? “These are my grandkids, Lola and Vinny, who were ages 4 and 2 last summer when I took this photo at the garden center,” says Michele Zywiec.

Zywiec’s husband built the lemonade stand, which features a vintage sign, for Lola’s third birthday. “We made her an apron too,” she says. “Then Vinny was born, so I wanted my husband to make a hot dog stand for him. He built them so they fold up and hang on the wall.

“I’ve been taking photos for many years, and it’s especially nice now with my iPhone as it’s always with me,” Zywiec says. “I’m always taking photos of flowers in the greenhouse and, of course, my grandkids. My favorite ones are candid photos when they’re playing outside.”

This photo from Woodbury Magazine’s Focus on Woodbury Photo Contest was taken with an iPhone.