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by | May 2021

House of Handsome

Female-owned and operated men’s grooming suite House of Handsome opens in Woodbury. Photo: Sam Erwin

Men’s grooming suit House of Handsome offers a fresh take on short cuts.

Men in need of a new ‘do have a new place to check out: House of Handsome. Open since August 2020, the barbershop was a product of a longtime dream turned reality over the 76-day quarantine for local hair stylists, Brittany Block, Kelly Kritzeck and Bethany Mitchell. Bonding over their love for clipper cuts, the fast-paced nature of the business and the good camaraderie that comes with being in a barber shop, led the trio to create House of Handsome.

“I love the tradition of it,” Block says. “The barbershop is where a lot of men develop memories growing up and it is a place for getting advice.”

All three are trained cosmetologists, so they are well-versed when it comes to all thing’s beauty. Though the owners have backgrounds in everything from avant-garde editorial hairstyles, perming and straightening to makeup and nails, all three stylists eventually found themselves working together at a local men’s barbershop.

Despite their extensive backgrounds, Block explains that the average person doesn’t associate those same skill sets to men’s styles. “People think that men’s cutting is easier but if I make a mistake in a clipper cut, you’re going to see it and I have such a limited space to hid it,” she says. Though they specialize in male cuts, House of Handsome also provides services to females who are looking for shorter pixie styles as well.

Wanting to create a space that was uniquely them while also appealing to their clients, they opted for a sophisticated masculine feel rather than the classic “sporty” shop. For regular client Landon Haley it was this elevated atmosphere that drew him in. As a six-year long client for Block, and who gets his haircut every three–four weeks, he says that he keeps returning to House of Handsome for their flexibility and reliability.

“She makes the experience enjoyable and she has a lot of passion behind her work and she kind of exuberates it,” he says. “It is intoxicating to have someone enjoy and love what she does and does a good job while doing it.”

As for the future of House of Handsome, the owners hope to continue the growth of the business while also supporting the community. Though the business has strong relationships with the local high school sports teams, the owners also have a goal of partnering with local nonprofits to provide haircuts for individuals in need or those preparing for major life transitions, such as back-to-school, job interviews or the first day of work.

“It is so fun to watch people walk out and check themselves out in the mirror one more time,” Block says. “You can just tell that they feel good and it feels amazing to be able to do that for people.”


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