Getting to School Safely

by | Aug 2023

As they wait in line by the school bus, elementary age students goof off and laugh together.


Starting school is an exciting time for both parents/guardians and their children, and one of the most thrilling parts can be riding the school bus. However, for many children, this might be their first experience being away from or traveling without their loved ones. To ease their nerves (and maybe some of your own, parents!), follow these tips courtesy of SoWashCo Schools.

  • Arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. To keep buses and routes running on time, please do not wait in a car or house. Students are most easily seen at the bus stop.
  • When at the bus stop, please stand at least three giant steps (6 feet) away from the curb. The bus stop is not a place to run or play.
  • When the school bus arrives, wait until the bus comes to a complete stop, the door opens and the driver says it’s OK before approaching the bus door. Use the handrails to avoid falling.
  • When getting off a bus, look for any cars passing on the shoulder. Wait for the bus driver to signal that it’s safe to cross. Look left-right-left when coming to the edge of the bus to make sure traffic is stopped. Keep watching traffic when crossing.
  • Never walk behind a school bus. Walk on a sidewalk or along the side of the street. Cross the street in front of the bus with at least five giant steps (10 feet) between the front of the bus and you. If you drop something near the school bus, like a ball or book, tell the bus driver immediately. Do not try to pick up the item because the driver might not be able to see you.

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