Growing into A Successful Season

by | Mar 2023

Cheerful gardener.

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We all know that March is a hard one to predict. Are we going to see snowfall or be met with an early spring? I, for one, am hoping for an early spring! If that happens, here are some spring gardening to-dos that will help set your garden up for success all season.

Remove Winter Protection

Once we’re past the last frost, remove any winter protection you may have added to your plants. A little tip is to keep that winter protection around. If you see a cold snap heading our way, which is almost guaranteed, add that protection back until the warm weather returns.

Remember to Water

Hopefully, your plants will have good moisture from snow melt and spring rain, but spring can be dry. Increase your watering when the warm weather returns, but check the soil before watering to avoid overwatering. Stick your finger in the soil at the base of the plant, and only water if the soil is dry. When you do, water your plants deeply and thoroughly.

Enjoy the Uniqueness of the Garden

I’m frequently asked about specific care for plants, and, while I wish there were miracle answers that worked across the board, the reality is each plant variety is unique and may require unique care to thrive. To help make sense of things, here are some general tips. Don’t prune your spring flowering plants like lilacs, magnolias or azaleas. Do prune your summer flowering shrubs, including panicle hydrangeas. Do apply fertilizer in early spring when you see new growth. Do remember to plant your spring bulbs, such as lilies, dahlias and gladiolus.

Gretchen McNaughton is the communications and content specialist at Bailey Nurseries. Learn more about care for your garden shrubs and trees at


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