Homegrown Jewelry

A local jewelry designer and metalsmith creates gorgeous pieces using diverse metals and stones.
Jenny Salinas-Borrero wearing some of her JS Jewelry creations.

For 15 years, current Woodbury resident Jenny Salinas-Borrero has designed and created unique and irreplaceable jewelry.

Salinas-Borrero grew up in Colombia, admiring the colors and accessories the women, including her mother and grandmother, always wore. Following college, where Salinas-Borrero obtained a business degree, she decided that the jewelry company she had created as a project, JS Jewelry, was actually her passion. “I decided I just really loved it, and then in 2002 I started it,” Salinas-Borrero says.

In order to construct every idea she had, Salinas-Borrero went to metalsmith and jewelry school. Yet her creativity could not be obtained simply through education; instead she believed it to be a gift. “I can just create new stuff all the time,” she says. “I do the whole process by myself. I love what I do and put passion in every piece.”

Utilizing sterling silver, crystals, and gold-filled metals, along with an assortment of agates, amethysts, citrines, kyanites and more, all of Salinas-Borrero’s pieces are one-of-a-kind.

She creates in her Woodbury workshop and at home, working by appointments and as a devoted mother of four. Having her own store is the next step. “I would like to teach jewelry making; I would like to teach people to have fun in a different and creative way,” she says.