How to Cook a Tomahawk Steak

by | Nov 2019

A reverse sear tomahawk steak cooked by Justin Konopaski, aka @cooking_with_justing.

Photo: Tate Carlson

Local foodie Instagram influencer Justin Konopaski shares one of his favorite ways to cook tomahawk steak.

“There’s nothing crazy special about tomahawk steaks, but you can really do a lot with them!” local foodie Instagram influencer Justin Konopaski says. A tomahawk is a ribeye with at least five inches of rib bone left intact—giving it a bit more drama, and a handy spot to grab it with your tongs. Here’s one of Konopaski’s favorite ways to cook one up.

You’ll need:

Garlic, lemon and herb compound butter. Cut your garlic, a squirt of lemon, and herbs into a slab of softened butter with a fork, then chill. Easy-peasy.

Tomahawk steak sourced locally from Jerry’s Foods or order direct from the ranches at Ren+Bos.

Salt and pepper

Here’s what you do:

Set your oven, grill or smoker to 275°F. Season and slowly bring your steak up to an internal temp of 105-115°.

If using a stovetop or gas grill: Bring your cast iron pan or skillet up to high heat.

If using a charcoal grill (preferred method): “Open up the airflow and get your coals blazing hot. It’s time to sear!” says Konopaski. He recommends a cast iron skillet over charcoal for the perfect sear, because no juices will be lost to the flames.

Drop in some compound butter and spread evenly, moving quickly so it doesn’t blacken and burn before the steak is introduced. Once buttered, lay your steak in the pan for 60 seconds per side, introducing fresh compound butter prior to flipping.

When you’re done—on either type of surface—remove the steak from the heat and wrap it in foil for 10 minutes. “Not letting steaks rest…that’s gotten me before,” Konopaski says. “If you cut too quickly, you lose all the juices. It’ll really be that much better after waiting.”



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